Family Law

Torn piece of paper with the word "Divorce" in the woman's palms.Family law cases are often the most emotionally involved over any other area of the law. The stakes go far beyond money and can have long last effects on your family relationships. For this reason, even if you think you understand your rights and how a case should be decided, it’s often still a good idea to hire an attorney. Courts rely on objective arguments to make their decisions, and it can be hard to remain objective when you are emotionally involved. We will provide compassionate representation that helps you move past any bad feelings and lets the court know why it should find in your favor.

Our attorneys handle all matters in the family courts including:


Many divorces are contentious due to the emotional issues involve. This often leads to unnecessary stress because the law is quite established as to how property should be divided and how the court should make other decisions. Let our firm guide you through each step of the divorce process so you can reach a fair settlement without suffering unnecessary emotional costs.

Child Custody & Support

A court makes all decisions based on what it feels are in the best interests of the child. This includes which parent should receive primary custody, how medical decisions are made, and what the visitation schedule is. Child support is usually based on a percentage of the parents’ incomes and can be adjust for special needs such as medical issues.

Spousal Support

Spousal support is designed to compensate for the fact that it’s often best for the marriage for one spouse to give up career opportunities to take care of the home or children or to allow the family to move for the other spouse’s career advancement. It is not designed to punish a spouse or reimburse one for wrongdoing. We can help make sure a spousal support award is fair and that any support order issued by the court is followed.

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